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Our Systems

Safety is an integral part of everything we do.

Sidwell Concreting Pty Ltd is determined to provide and maintain a safe workplace for all. We work closely with clients to understand their health and safety requirements, in order to ensure compliance with their safety systems and provide safe project management teams.

Sidwell Concreting Pty Ltd believes all incidents can be prevented by fostering a strong safety culture and integrating safety within all our activities. We understand that a safe work environment means our teams must be fit for work and able to perform their work tasks in a secure, productive and effective manner. Our key processes involve:

  • Proactive monitoring of work practices;
  • Ongoing identification and reporting of risks and hazards;
  • Involving, empowering and consulting with employees;
  • Conducting regular audits and management reviews;
  • Investigating all incidents and implementing preventive actions; and
  • Fairly and consistently following policy and disciplinary procedures.

Health Safety & Environmental Management System to AS: NZ 4801, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001.

Sidwell Concreting works closely with clients

to understand their unique requirements and to provide them the highest level of customer satisfaction by supplying professional teams to their project in order to deliver quality outcomes.

Sidwell Concreting Pty Ltd are committed to ensuring all activities are performed in a systematic and controlled manner. Regardless of the size or location of the project, each and every client will receive the same quality outcome.

To us, quality is more than just a set of documents. It is a holistic methodology that involves people, infrastructure and systems working in synchronisation to create a final product. We create tailored solutions through meticulous planning and a systematic approach to deliver products that surpass our clients’ expectation.

Sidwell Concreting fosters an environment that supports continual improvement. Our teams are dedicated to producing the best solutions for our client’s specific needs, with flexibility and a high level of professionalism embedded in all our people and processes.

With our people, culture, training and distinction in what we do Sidwell Concreting delivers quality every time.

Quality Management System is ISO 9001.

Sidwell Concreting is committed to conducting its activities while simultaneously sustaining and protecting the environment and heritage sites.

Because we deliver every facet of concrete construction, from heavy industrial foundations to mining infrastructure, we are determined to conduct operations in a manner befitting a good corporate citizen. We commit to continuous and rigorous compliance with all environmental laws, and managing all phases of our business with the goal of minimising impact on the environment.

Sidwell Concreting Pty Ltd defines and implements measures for environment protection appropriate to each specific project and set of business activities. We actively foster education and training of employees to provide them with continued awareness and knowledge of the environment.

Our environmental initiatives include:

  • Minimising waste and pollution and taking steps to conserve resources through recycling;
  • Providing appropriate training to those responsible for implementing environmental control measures;
  • Involving and consulting with employees, government authorities, regulatory bodies and customs to identify improved environmental management and waste disposal solutions;
  • Investigating any incidents of misuse and/or inappropriate disposal of waste; and
  • Specific action plans during all phases of work, including earthworks; concrete works; storage of chemicals and fuels; disposal of site materials; and transportation.

Sidwell Concreting Pty Ltd believes that our environmental performance demonstrates our values and contributes to the sustainability of our business and relationships with key stakeholders.

Environmental Management System is ISO 14001 certified.

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